My new site design has gone live with a ‘Celebrate’ section just in time for my son’s birthday party!

This new Celebrate category will feature fun kids parties, baby showers and ‘sip and sees’ from the UAE. So I’m on the look out for professional photography from the many beautiful events taking place around the UAE, to share ideas and tips with those looking for party inspiration.

As last year, we held James’ (August) birthday party early, so that he could celebrate it with his friends before everyone leaves for the summer. Even in June, it has to be held indoors. I wanted to find a big, naturally light and airy space where he and his friends could have fun and make a mess. I also wanted a fairly blank canvas so that we could style something to his requested theme: Superheroes.

Click right through the image slide gallery below:

It’s actually a great theme, as it lends some really cool retro imagery and accessible, kiddy-friendly popular culture food and beverages. There’s lot of entertainment options easily linked to superheroes too.

We called in Galeries Lafayette’s Gourmet Catering squad, who were honestly AMAZING! Their VERY professional team, put so much energy and creativity in to the tiniest detail, from Spiderman strawberries and pop-art superhero food decorations and metropolis skyline displays.

They also provided some of the party’s entertainment in the form of a themed photo booth and create your own smoothie kiosk. The snacks and treats and the main dinner were delicious and any left-overs were snapped up in doggy bags by parents (along with cup cake favours) on their way out. The staff were super efficient, friendly and dedicated. Parents were looked after with fruit infused waters, hot drinks and substantial canapés.

I’m genuinely blown-away with the whole experience of working with the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet team. I wholeheartedly recommend them and look forward to working with them again!

The party was at the Jam Jar Gallery in Al Quoz, which was the perfect spot in all kinds of ways. One being they provided easels, canvases and paints for the guests Superhero (and more ‘abstract’ imagery) artwork. We were also able to project our retro super hero cartoons across the centre stage wall and play our playlist through their sound system. They were very easy to work with and totally laid-back with any ideas I suggested to them, including…

Other Entertainment
Perhaps the best surprise of the party was Spiderwoman! My friend, pole dance instructor, Vlada from POLE FIT DUBAI, kindly came along to provide a grand-finale. After he’d blown out his candles, he caught sight of her Spiderwoman costumed figure spinning through the air above on her web (silks). It was the piece de resistance of the party and kids were in jaw-dropping awe as they marvelled at the super hero spinning and jumping through the air in front of them.

Otherwise, I set up a cape and mask decorating table. There kids were able to stick felt letters, lightening bolts and stars on to felt capes that I had cut and velcroed at the neck. (I’ll share a how-to if anyone’s interested?) They looked fabulous running around in their colourful superhero garb - and it provided another 10-min distraction.

A face painter is always an easy score, and another fun 5-10 mins of a child’s party experience. I’m yet to leave a kids party without an imprint of an animal or superhero’s face upon my clothes!

A stop by lovely Ayesha from Party Camel (party treasure chest!!!), stocked us up with retro, pop-art Superhero touches; photo props, cake toppers, napkins, cups, etc.

Other than my son feeling a bit poorly having just got over the latest nursery bug (which three of the guests had come down with and so couldn’t make it), it was a great afternoon.

Thanks to all our friends who came! Thanks Galeries Lafayette (especially Dina and Hellen - a team I would pick over and over again!), Jam Jar (shout out Dana) and Vlada, who really stole the show (the kids literally ran after her when she came down and walked ‘backstage’) and Aunty Claire, what would we do without you xxx

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet contact +971 50 6549388 or e-mail your request to

Vlada, Pole Fit Dubai Tel: 800-POLE FIT (765 33 48) or 04-5516911 Studio: Marina Sail Tower, Ground Floor, Dubai Marina

JamJar Gallery
Tel: +9714 3417303

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