Donna Hourani's modern and edgy jewellery line, belies her traditional Levant style home interiors and refreshingly old school approach to motherhood. Strict on the routine basics where she can, she prefers the boys learn to entertain themselves rather than filling their weekly diary with busy activity and stuffing spaces with screen time.

Her jewellery brand; its mix-and-match ear cuffs, body 'web' chains and gem-stone bracelets seen on the UAE's top style bloggers, is less than a year old and is doing better than she had imaged at this stage. The line's sales to date are beyond her wildest forecasts and are already generating an unfolding international footprint. Donna is a certified Gemology Institute of America jeweller and an Interior Architecture graduate.

Having been born and raised for 16 years in Dubai and then studying in Beirut, she returned to Dubai in 2011, where she has made a home with her two sons Sam (4) and Sary (2) in a well-located Jumeirah duplex. Like a true artist, she says the best part of being a mum is seeing the world in new eyes all over again. But in a very level-headed sentiment, she wishes them acceptance and resilience above all else in a path to happiness.

More on her experience of motherhood in Dubai below...

“I always say the best part about having kids is like being born all over again. It's like a second chance in life or a new life. You see everything differently like seeing the world for the first time because you experience it again through their eyes. This is the most eye opening kind of experience. You become a stronger more 'sure of yourself' kind of woman because of them. They really brought out the best in me and they make me learn and grow every day.” - Donna
Photo by AzyaaMode
Photo via Azyaa Mode
“Acceptance and resilience I think are two of the most important things for a child to learn.
When you accept your situation whether big or small scale, you are content, grateful for what you have and therefore happy. Ultimately, all I want for them is to be happy which is all any mom would wish for for her kids.

“Resilience is just as important because if they have that, they can go through anything in life and bounce right back on their feet.” - Donna

“I try not to overload their week with activities because I don't think that's mentally healthy. When we were kids we never went out during the week and we didn't get bored. Kids will get used to whatever you expose them to, they're extremely adaptive. I try to get them involved with practical daily activities like helping around the house whenever I can and they love it. I think it kills their creativity if they're constantly entertained and on a tight schedule of activities. A good balance is key. So we just play it by ear week by week and keep an eye out on time out kids to see what's going on in Dubai during those months.” - Donna

“I definitely have a schedule and a routine for them but it's not 'military style' strict. It's not easy to get them to do what you want them to without a lot of repetition and chasing. As long as they do the basics like dinner time, bath time, brushing their teeth, I'm happy. I don’t struggle with anything else thankfully. They're well mannered and polite to everyone.

“The kids are in nursery all morning so that's when I get my work done. Afternoons are spent with them. Then my husband comes home from work when the kids are going through their evening routine. After their bath we have a little bit of time altogether then the kids go to sleep and my husband and I have our dinner together and catch up on our day. This balance works very well for me.” - Donna

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