Hands up, this is nowhere near my usual 'inspirational mum', home, style, party topics. It's actually rather (very) dull. BUT, I know that, this time of year most mums in the Middle East are cranking up the Air conditioning and in response to the usual coughs, colds and old smells that prompts, are considering a good unit cleaning. It's a topic that keeps coming up among friends.

My youngest son who has had more chest complaints that most it seems throughout his four years, started with his Victorian chimney sweep child hacking cough the moment we started switching our AC on occassionally a few weeks back. I couldn't believe my luck as I got offered a full AC cleaning review just as I started scoping the market for such.

iPurity, an eco-friendly, Dubai owned firm, came and inspected the units and took the usual horror story photos of damp, mould, lumps of dirt and blocked vents. They explained that the system only ever works for a day or so a time, before we have to call maintenance back, because the dirt was blocking vents forcing it to overwork and burn out regularly.

Within the week our 'deep cleaning and bio-disinfection' was booked in with a 6-man team who proceeded to cover the entire villa in plastic sheets (very carefully) and clean and disinfect our air units inside and out.

The team were professional, polite and thorough. Call me daft, but something about their smart, white overalls installed all the confidence I needed and I took the boys out for the day as the cleaning can take eight hours in a villa our size.

Well that's it. The house was organised chaos. They took great care of everything and It was somehow tidier and cleaner after they left! The AC as since worked consistently a treat and it doesn't smell at all. The photos sent to me afterwards in a report below show the how brilliantly sanitary our the units all the way inside and out now, which is some real worry off my mind. Dare I say, I haven't heard a cough from Ted since (there's a jinx if ever I've written one).

Quote iPurityxHeidi on www.ipurity.com and get a 10% discount on your servicing. This isn't sponsored, but I did get a free review.
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